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5 Affordable Ways To Get Your Restaurant Noticed Online in 2019

People need to see your brand roughly 7 times before they end up converting into a paying customer.

Gone are the days where you can grow on one social media platform.

Check out these tips to get your brand seen:

1️⃣) Be on the social web - not simply posting but getting social. Respond to comments, answer queries, integrate with the local community, get involved in conversations and build relationships.

2️⃣) Leverage SEO - Get your website registered with Google then get your URL everywhere and anywhere you can online. Get your site listed on sites like Yelp. Write regular blogs and share them across your social media channels.

3️⃣) Leverage paid ads. Facebook is a great place to start. Go to your competitor's pages and click 'Info and ads' to get inspiration.

4️⃣) Repurpose content. Only a small percentage of your followers will see your content the first time you post it. Repost the most engaging pieces of content 2, 3 even 4 times to give the rest of your audience the chance to see it.

5️⃣) Don't rely on one platform. Have a presence on as many platforms as you can. If you get more business from a specific platform then focus your energy there but still make sure to give some attention to the others and get to know how they work. If you put all your eggs in one basket you could be setting your self up for a fall should that platform have a radical change in the algorithm which is a likely outcome.




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