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6 Ways to Get Great Photos for Your Restaurant

Get great pictures for your restaurant for free!

1. Use a smart phone - At the end of the day, the best camera is the one that you have access to. Being able to start taking photos for social media and take your followers on a journey is important. Smartphone cameras continue to get better year after year, which makes it easier than ever to use them for taking professional photos.

But whether you're shooting with an iPhone or an Android, you need to take sharp, clear images that people will love to look at and will represent your company in a professional way.

2. Pay a Professional - Quality still counts wherever pictures play a decisive role. It's still the professional photographers that provide such material. If you're prepared to pay the appropriate price, then you can be sure that you'll get better quality.

3. Ask students for in return for a free meal. Obviously like most things in life, you pay for what you get. If you have the budget, paying a professional photographer is going to be your first choice. If you don't then a student photographer will be a step up from the quality of photos you could produce yourself using your phone. Contact your local photography school and enquire. Many will be happy to help out for some free food, plus they'll also gain experience.

4. User generated content - User-generated content (UGC) is content created by users of online platforms, such as social media, and is generally publicly available. It is created by unpaid contributors, i.e. fans, and can come in the form of blog posts, images, testimonials, and videos.

UGC is a great way to boost your restaurant's visibility online) and potentially help with sales. It’s likely that there’s already a ton of content about your restaurant, so why not take advantage of it? Search to see what kinds of photos your customers have already posted online, particularly on Instagram. You can use Instagram’s geographic tags if you want to find photos from a particular location. You can also search by your company/venue’s name or by a campaign hashtag. You can also incentivise visitors to post pictures on their social media account by offering prizes for the best.

5. Empower staff to take pics - It's difficult for a photographer to capture those unplanned moments, maybe a celeb visit or a staff story. Empowering your team can give them a feeling of extra responsibility and result in some great story telling.

6. Owners - yes you are very busy, you work very long hours but photography is very important for your business. You see things others don't see which would be of great interest to your customers.

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